Saturday, 26 September 2009

Finally feeling a bit better!

After having a head as thick as a cloud for what seems like forever, the cloud is finally starting to lift. It was probably a cold, but how my local authority reacted to my son when he turned up to school with a runny nose is pathetic! Since when does a reg teacher diagnose swine flu and quarentine us! Pah! The GP said better safe than sorry, so I've had a house full of runny nosed children for the last week.

Piccies are of Cecilys wool, and as I've been feeling sorry for myself I bought 2 skein winders woo hoo - great fun! I can't wait for tomorrow. I start a big yarn order and get to use my new toys again and again :)

The last but not least pic is of Carleys' set for Mia, she frightened the life out of me by saying 'I want a hat, cardigan and longies set, here are the measurements get on with whatever you like' Ack! The agony! I went with pinks, as when questioned she asked for girly, the butterfly as I've seen that she likes them and the rest came from the dark recesses of my mind! Thankfully she loves them, she finally received them after a merry fandango with Royal Snail.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Baby one ply - all spun up!

Shadow is making something for a new born, so I offered some homespun. Nothing like fresh, soft pure wool hand spun and hand knit next to a babies skin. Love it!
She wanted either orange, yellow or green. With the gorgeous green mountains all around me inspiring me every day how could I not dye some gentle green?
The end product is going to be a soaker so aran/bulky weight was the aim. I got 108 metres to 70g, should be enough for a newborn soaker.
Hope she likes it and it knits up well.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Autumn Update.

Well I am back from a really relaxing, refreshing holiday in the sun. I have plenty of inspiration and kilos of wool to soak up the luscious colourways I have in mind.

I'll be putting the wool on my store to view only on the 9th of September. It will become available to purchase as the clock turns to the 10th. Grab your choices quickly as I am really busy with hospital appointments this month, so don't know when i'll be re-stocking.

Custom Orders are still fully booked. I won't be opening up my list for a while yet.

Current custom orders are up to date.

Carley, Mia's cardigan just needs arms, her longies need cuffs and her hat has not been cast on yet.

Carolyn, your wool is being dyed this week.

Jo Halobaby - your wool is ready when you are.

Paid for Undyed wool orders are being posted tomorrow.