Thursday, 28 May 2009

BFL = Beautiful!

Squeaks of excitement last week, the lovely farmers wife emailed to say the sheep had been shorn. My fleeces were ready for me to collect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you will understand how excited I was, some of you will think I'm a complete nutter! Yzzy will think I'm weird in a strangely exciting way !

I pick them up from the beautiful farmhouse - I want a farmhouse, with a small holding, one day, one day, then for eternity ;)

As I am driving home the smell of them starts to penetrate my bunged up nose. Phew! Sheep stink! It is at this point I am glad I have an old dairy attached to my house. No good for much else but marvellous for storing stinky sheep fleece!

I lay out the smallest of the fleeces to see what I am dealing with. I hesitate as to what to do with it. I decide to just jump in and get on with processing it.

After a good clean It is smelling a lot fresher, and beautifully white! I crack open the dyes. I have decided on green. I want to make a pair of longies in green, with countryside embellishments. I also post my adventures on Rav.

I'm not too sure on the depth of the green, it looks a bit like slime and mould :p I try to keep the finished item in mind

Once dry I run it through the carder It makes the green look a lot lighter - I like how it looks.

Then on to spinning. I spin 60g of green and 60g of white, then ply them together. It is really soft and lovely. I ply it to a dk - worsted weight. Then put it on the niddy noddy to set.
I have cast on the longies, but will save those pics for another day.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A lovely day out

Woollywumpkins is proud to be associated with this years open farm day. A lovely day out for all of the family! Not doing anything on Sunday 7th June, then come and visit us! Make sure you say hello. :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Rainbow Daze...

I've been having a stash spring clean today, putting all of my fibres/wools/yarns into colour order. Thought I'd have a play with the rainbow needed for Hannahs order, it's only the first attempt but I think it's really lovely.

I wasn't in a bad mood before but I am really lifted everytime I look at it, so thought i'd share :)