Friday, 12 March 2010

Club challenge for March 2010 'Spring in bud'

So welcome to the first Dyeing of the Pure wool appreciation club!

Our first theme is 'Spring in bud' Inspired by the sea of colour this season brings, after the starkness of all of the snow it warms the heart to see such vibrance peeking its' way into the world.

Our technique is Kettle dyeing. A large pan is gently heated whilst the wool sits submerged in water. One colour at a time will be poured into the kettle over a 5th of the wool, then a different colour will be poured onto the next 5th and so on around the pan until most of the wool is covered, we gently heat until the dye is set.

The finished product will have a repeat pattern, but will also be slightly random in the length of the repeats. As the dye colours are free floating there will also be some merging of colours to create a unique one of a kind batch of skeins.

Members taking part this month are -

- Bibs n bots 2 x sock with bamboo

- Bobby Dazzlers 1 x sock with tencel

- Cecily - 1 x Baby Alpaca Chunky

- LBF 2 x sock

- Michebe 1 x sock wth bamboo

Base colours being used - Yellow, green, lilac, orange, undyed

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Woollywumpkins Pure Wool Appreciation Club

Hiya All,

Some of my regulars have suggested a wool club. So here it is…………. taken from my website

Initially, The club will have a maximum of 10 members.

There will be 12 themes with a technique attached to them.

Each member will commit by pre-purchasing a minimum 3 skeins per year.

Upon cleared payment I will give each member a code to correspond with their order. These codes will be used by the member to choose the themes of their choice. These choices can be of 1 theme 2 or 3.

Each month we will decide the theme, technique and base wools. If a member decides they want in, they take the option through checkout and use the prepaid code as payment. The theme and technique is set each month, the base wool can be chosen by the member at checkout - when redeeming the code.

There will be options to buy more skeins set up on the webstore.

The wool will have a discount, the more wool you buy, the bigger the discount.

Web store link

Open only to UK customers.

We will discuss the themes and techniques here Mamapacks discussion

Membership of the Mamapacks forum is free.

A taster of the wool we'll be dyeing.