Monday, 29 June 2009

Customs update - 29-06-09

I have been developing myown hand dyed wool, to be released sometime in September. Here is one relative to this blog. I call it Lakeside Farm. Inspired by my recent visits, I picked out the Welsh slate, the green, green grass, the blue of the sky, the blue of the lake and the brown of the trees used to fence the landscape.

I just know that it is going to look scrummy knitted up!

Next up is my first Lakeside BFL handspun on my new ashford traveller. I managed 208 yards from 100grams of 2 ply. I'm going to have a good think about what to make with this.

Next up is my finished collaboration with Jelly nose chic and Upsy daisy. I love it!

Sarah your new soaker is in the post.
All undyed yarn orders have been posted.
Next up are Poppysmums Cardigans
Eiras shoe inserts,
Claires skirty
Vikkis footmuff.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Store update.

Just a tidy up, piccies as asked for by customers.

First up is Weefy woo's skirty, well the soaker part, I am halfway through the skirt panel, they take forever and a day so I am doing it little and often.

Next is a pic of the Rainbow Boardies made in Buy British Month.

....and lastly a pic of a zig-zag shawl. Measurements differ, these can be made in a cosy Aran weight for the winter months, or a light lace weight for a pretty summer accompanyment. this example is knit in DK.
The charity prize draw will take place on the evening of June 25th. Make sure to keep checking as I will be staggering the announcements of the winners!
Sarah - your soaker is in progress.
The undyed pure wool has been ordered for our new winter colourways.
Customs are full until September.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Customs Update.

We had Buy British Month last month on CNA. I collaborated with Claire from Jellynose Chic and Fiona from Upsydaisy Nappies. Claire designed and handpainted this cheeky little dragon, whilst Fiona made one of her famed pocket nappies from Claires creation. They based their colours on 2 custom dyed skiens of yarn I had.

We offered the trio as a custom order, final choices of which type of nappy - night or pocket - what woolies - shorties or longies - to be decided by the lucky purchaser. We are pleased to be able to say that the set sold within one minute of it being listed. Yay!
The lucky purchaser decided upon longies and asked for a unique embellishment. After some thought, we decided upon a dragons tail. I think it really sets off the whole ensemble! What do you think?

We released a kit to accompany our successful Waffley Good Soaker Pattern. See my store for more details.

Also made an extra soaker in blue slate.
Next orders to be worked on are as follows -
- poppysmum, 1st cardigan cast on tonight
- Geomax, posted your set
-Weefywoo soaker is made, skirty is being attached.
- Sarahjamesandpaul, casting on tomorrow.
- Claireandlana - emailing for measurements this weekend
- Marywaredoc, posting on Monday
- Moggle, posting on Monday
- Unknownstar, posting on Monday
I'm awaiting payment for the following orders, the orders can be posted on Monday
- BobbinD

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Open Farm Day 2009

Until recently I thought a sheep was a sheep was a sheep! The local farm has 12 breeds of sheep, lots of them are shown in this piccy. My personal favourite is the Blue Faced Leicester, so soft and squishy. In my little world BFL are grown for fleece. It never entered my head that they would be used for meat also, How dense was I?

I learned all sorts of interesting facts from the farmer himself, as he gave a little talk whilst demonstrating how he shears the sheep. He made it look easy, but those sheep are a handful! It made me realise that when my sons struggle as I shave their heads, it could be worse, I could be trying to shear a full grown, annoyed, ram lol!

We went on a guided tractor ride around the farm, members of the young NFU gave snippits of info as we trundled through the beautiful Welsh countryside. In fact it was so distracting that Hubby - who had been put on taking photo's duty - completely forgot to take any! So I gave him a nudge right at the end of the day.

Not very flattering piccies, but here I am spinning the fleece from the farm, I also made a little pair of shorties from the BFL to show off whilst there. All aspects of the sheep were demonstrated there. No part of the sheep is wasted. I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to think that the animals loss of life is dignified by us using every part of it in a valuable way.

Did you take advantage of the lovely weather? Did you visit your local participating farm? If your answer is no, then you missed out on a lovely family day out, bringing you closer to nature and availing yourself of all the lovely local produce available!