Monday, 25 August 2008

Marine longies finished.

OOO I appear to have taken a fairly decent picture - for a change!

These were made for Sarah's son. I do like this design, as it is so close to my heart. DH keeps asking me to make a Copperband fish one, but I am not sure the cloth ladies will get where it is coming from.

I posted a pic of the soaker I mentioned on the lsat blog - a lady from america pm'd me about it. I had no idea it could be seen publicly. I'll post pics of them here tomorrow if there is good light for the pictures.

here's a pic of the clown fish inspiration.......why do they appear at the top of the page instead of here at the bottom where I put them???!!!! ok so I cut and pasted them to where I wanted them ;)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Busy little bee!

As title suggests I have been ever so busy ! In more ways than one! But, the one I'm going to tell you all about is my new knitting pattern.

It has been on the back burner for many months, I've finally kicked myself into gear with the help of Kerry and Laura - my lovely volunteers. It is for a soaker. Have you noticed how boring a lot of the soaker patterns are?? I know there are one or maybe two very innovative, interesting ones for sale but on the whole they seem to be the same old same old - if you know what I mean!

So I have finally gotten around to typing out my 'Woollywumpkins Wee Busting Soaker' Not a very good title but hey - I design knitting not titles! Kerry (Dragonfly69) and Laura (poopypants) are going to test knit it for me, just in case I write some martian instead of knitting language.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with. It's always nice to see patterns you have written made by others in a style unique to them.

So lets see it I hear you mumble ;) well, it is due to be published October 1st on my pattern website along with a pattern for a Marine starfish and two patterns for crochet super market bags.

In the mean time I could bore you all with my latest custom orders. A soaker which is featured in the photo. And a pair of Marine longies which are still being made. As shown in pics above.....Goodnight my lovlies!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008