Thursday, 2 April 2009

My little woolly bum.

Cassie modelling the smallest soaker in her collection. Hmmmmm, me thinks I might have to make a smaller one!

I made the soaker with wool sent to me as a present from Kel of Minnie O Nappies.

She has a Clwt Twt size 1 unigrw on underneath the soaker.

:) Any excuse to post a piccie of my beautiful baby.


  1. Oh Mich, Cassie is just adorable!!
    Bless her in her little woollies!!
    How's she doing?
    I hope she is going from strength to strength xxx

  2. Oh, how precious!! She's already looking sturdier though ... not so little and fragile as those early pictures.
    Hope you're doing ok.

  3. oh bless her!!!! She is just sooo beautiful!! xxx

  4. She is just perfect! I love the soaker. It really suits her.