Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dye - ing to knit!

I'm enjoying getting back into the swing of things, custom knitting wise, I have several orders that I am looking forward to seeing finished. The designs have been incubating in my mind for weeks now. I love how the finished project always looks so much better than the original inspiration :)
Our theme this week is rainbows.

I still don't know the name of the spinning wheel I have bought, but I do know that it looks very much like a Haldane Orkney, but is not a Haldane Orkney.

I decided to try out my new dyes. I used the skein of home spun - my first homespun that I posted about a couple of days ago. The dying process made the wool fluff up a bit more than I would like, so I may dye the fibre first from now on. Well from the next one on because I have already spun a bobbins worth of undyed merino!. I hung it to dry in my kitchen, it dried really quickly. I am happy with the colours other than the green, forgot to leave a space for the green and tried a botched version which I don't think was very successful!
I don't know what I will make with it. It is only about 50g worth of yarn. I haven't yet discovered how to work out the yardage, but it is about 17 full wraps of a large niddy noddy.

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