Friday, 12 June 2009

Customs Update.

We had Buy British Month last month on CNA. I collaborated with Claire from Jellynose Chic and Fiona from Upsydaisy Nappies. Claire designed and handpainted this cheeky little dragon, whilst Fiona made one of her famed pocket nappies from Claires creation. They based their colours on 2 custom dyed skiens of yarn I had.

We offered the trio as a custom order, final choices of which type of nappy - night or pocket - what woolies - shorties or longies - to be decided by the lucky purchaser. We are pleased to be able to say that the set sold within one minute of it being listed. Yay!
The lucky purchaser decided upon longies and asked for a unique embellishment. After some thought, we decided upon a dragons tail. I think it really sets off the whole ensemble! What do you think?

We released a kit to accompany our successful Waffley Good Soaker Pattern. See my store for more details.

Also made an extra soaker in blue slate.
Next orders to be worked on are as follows -
- poppysmum, 1st cardigan cast on tonight
- Geomax, posted your set
-Weefywoo soaker is made, skirty is being attached.
- Sarahjamesandpaul, casting on tomorrow.
- Claireandlana - emailing for measurements this weekend
- Marywaredoc, posting on Monday
- Moggle, posting on Monday
- Unknownstar, posting on Monday
I'm awaiting payment for the following orders, the orders can be posted on Monday
- BobbinD

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