Monday, 29 June 2009

Customs update - 29-06-09

I have been developing myown hand dyed wool, to be released sometime in September. Here is one relative to this blog. I call it Lakeside Farm. Inspired by my recent visits, I picked out the Welsh slate, the green, green grass, the blue of the sky, the blue of the lake and the brown of the trees used to fence the landscape.

I just know that it is going to look scrummy knitted up!

Next up is my first Lakeside BFL handspun on my new ashford traveller. I managed 208 yards from 100grams of 2 ply. I'm going to have a good think about what to make with this.

Next up is my finished collaboration with Jelly nose chic and Upsy daisy. I love it!

Sarah your new soaker is in the post.
All undyed yarn orders have been posted.
Next up are Poppysmums Cardigans
Eiras shoe inserts,
Claires skirty
Vikkis footmuff.


  1. That skirty is beautiful Mich x Did you dye the wool for that yourself?

  2. I love that skirty collaboration, beautiful! Selling yarn sounds interesting, will be keeping a look out for that ;-)

  3. Thanks for naming your wool after us we are very proud.Your items look great hope business is good.
    Are you off to the Royal Welsh?