Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lallypants are born!

Cecily was asking if anyone knew of the stitch she had found, she wanted to make a jumper with it. It was a tuck stitch unique to knitting machines, but the hunt went on for a similar stitch that could be hand knit. The trellis stitch seemed to be closest, so I passed it onto Cecily, she now has the instructions for the stitch to do with as she pleases ;0)

The next day I was taken into hospital, I still had the stitch in mind, I always have a bag of wool in the car big enough for a small emergency project, so when it became apparent I was going to be at the hospital for a while hubby was dispatched to the car for said bag.

The bag had a lovely little ball of Debbie Bliss SoHo in lovely shades of rasberry and purple (gifted to me by kelbel aka minnie O) and a ball of co-ordinating trim. (times like that make me glad I'm so anal!) Baby girl could have been on her way, I wanted to make something for her, but only had enough for booties or a 'soaker' the soaker won out.

I combined my original soaker pattern with band of the new stitch inspired by Cecily and Voila! Lallypants were born (named after the nickname Cecily has been given by her sister).

They were a really nice knit, the pattern is one that is easy to follow and effective looking. The panel gives extra wool in the vital 'wee' zone without being too bulky to be comfortable for baby.

Thankfully the Lallypants were the only thing to be born that day, baby girl is still tucked up safe and warm in mummy and hopefully will stay there for the next 12 weeks.

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  1. Oooo I like them!!
    Glad to hear baby girl is still snug in mummy's tummy xx