Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What a month!

Cassie has had her surgery. The operation appears to have been completely successful! Woo Hoo!!!!! She did catch an infection whilst at hospital which is proving difficult to shake off, but she is much improved.
It has been the worst month of my life. Coming so close to losing your daughter makes you really stop and take stock of the way your life is heading. Cherish you little ones. Give them extra hugs, and lots of kisses.
Cassies operation was scheduled to take 5 hours. After 5 hours the surgeons asked someone to tell us that they were suturing her, this went on to take over 2 hours. I used that stressful time to make a test knit teddy 'Oliver' He'll be available to the public via his designers website real soon.
Aren't they both cute?


  1. So glad everything has gone well give Cassie a hug from Lakeside Speak soon

  2. So glad Cassie is doing well, and Oliver is lovely. Give her a great big squishy hug from me and the girls xox