Thursday, 17 December 2009

Custom pics

A busy time here. Cassie is on her pre operation meds, she seems to be ok on them, if a little sicky. We are still fattening her up, so that she has plenty in reserve for her recovery. The operation is still on track for the second week of January.

A sprinkling of snow on the ground outside. As you can imagine the children are willing a full covering of snow by the morning. I love snow even though I, without fail, fall on my ample behind whenever I venture out into it!

The photographs are of a recent collaboration with Neelam, for Buy British Month.

The green/brown/cream is a colourway called Cassie Coo on Organic Merino Aran base. The finished longies are for Carolyn's little girl Poppy.

The second photograph pink/damson/green is of a colourway called Laurenella also on Organic Merno Aran base. These have been sent to their new home with Laymon.

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