Saturday, 7 November 2009

Week's Round up.

It's been a busy week and next week promises to be even busier!

So far we have been enjoying WAHM Collaboration month on a new Buying, selling, swapping site. Bit like ebay but MUCH cheaper to list your lovely stuff. First 300 members get a £5.00 credit to their account so you can sell £250. of stuff for free - I think my maths is right?

We are also really enjoying Buy British Month on Cloth Nappy Addicts, see us here

My customs list is still full until March, so I have teamed up with Neelam (Neels) another talented WAHM so she will be taking on any knitting orders I get throughout the next month.

We have Cassies preop and legal stuff on Monday, so I won't be online for a couple of days. Everything on my to do list will continue to be up to date as, whatever happens on Monday, I have made contingency plans ;)

TNN Ladies I have been assured that the remainder of your base wool will be here Mon/Tues.

Thomas - Look out for the postie on Tuesday as your special green wasn't dry enough to send today.

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  1. Ohhh i hope everything goes OK on Monday hun. (((hugs))) to you, Cassie and your family.