Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cassie update.

As my regulars will know, my youngest daughter was born with a congenital lung condition. You were all very supportive whilst I was pregnant with her and comforted me whilst she was in the nicu fighting for her life.

I have kept you up to date by email, but am finding it hard to keep track of who I have answered and who I have not.

We had a full review this week. We had been hoping that her surgery would be put off until she was three years old, but the cysts are just too big, the risk of leaving them too great. So the operation has been brought forward. She needs the op now, but keyhole surgery is not available at her age. They don't want to risk the full, open surgery as the recovery rate is not good. So, we have to wait until she reaches keyhole surgery age - 5 months from now.

In the mean time, I may need to ask for patience from my custom customers currently on my list if we are called to the hospital. I think that I won't re-open my customs until the operation is done to be fair to both my precious daughter and my customers.

I will honor all orders and co-ops already arranged.

Thankyou all for your continued support.
Mich x.


  1. *hugs*

    I'm sure your customers will understand. Cassie has to come first

  2. Aww hun (((hugs)))

    I'm sure everyone will understand. Your family comes first and Cassie needs you.

    Carolyn xx

  3. Thinking of you and wishing little Cassie the best Eira xx

  4. Mich, I think about Cassie all the time...bless her heart..I wish her all the very best xxx
    and huge hugs to you ((((()))))

  5. You and your family are often in my heart and on my mind Mich. x

  6. Thankyou ladies for your lovely comments. x x x

  7. You know I am here to listen or to help in anyway possible.

    C x