Sunday, 6 September 2009

Autumn Update.

Well I am back from a really relaxing, refreshing holiday in the sun. I have plenty of inspiration and kilos of wool to soak up the luscious colourways I have in mind.

I'll be putting the wool on my store to view only on the 9th of September. It will become available to purchase as the clock turns to the 10th. Grab your choices quickly as I am really busy with hospital appointments this month, so don't know when i'll be re-stocking.

Custom Orders are still fully booked. I won't be opening up my list for a while yet.

Current custom orders are up to date.

Carley, Mia's cardigan just needs arms, her longies need cuffs and her hat has not been cast on yet.

Carolyn, your wool is being dyed this week.

Jo Halobaby - your wool is ready when you are.

Paid for Undyed wool orders are being posted tomorrow.


  1. Pplllease can I see :p your a tease and I am so excited.

  2. Your colourway is hidden on my blog somewhere!

  3. Well they aren't finished enough to give you a whole piccie, so i'll give you a couple of closeups.

  4. I'm really nervous! I've never been this nervous!

  5. OMG I feel sick...I LOVE IT whoop whoop Thank you sooooo much Whhooohoooo

    PS I hoped it was that wool

  6. What are we like??!!

    My stomach has churned every time I have thought about what you will think of it!

    It will be called Mia'ndering Meadow. I went with the butterfly on a flower theme cos that seems to be your favourite.
    I'm so glad you like it!

  7. Oh I love it Mich its perfect :D In fact I might have to order some of that wool :P

  8. I've just bought loads of 20 balls of dk cotton today :o just cos it looked nice :p i might make a skirt for Mia with it :D and a matching cardi. Although I have 5 trillion projects queued on ravelry and I found a pattern for a GORGEOUS giraffe themed baby blanket today so desperate to make that :D I definately need to stop sleeping.