Saturday, 25 July 2009

Introducing Nimbus and Nebula

So, this is the 'Oxide' from yesterdays blog, reskeined and looking fabulous!

Here we have our 'Nimbus' It has turned out to be gorgeously turbulent and stormy - like our vibrant autumns. I couldn't wait until September to release it though so here it is.
........and saving the best til last here is our 'Nebula' I had originally intended the purples and browns to dominate, but i am really pleased with how this colourway has turned out.
All of our new colourways are available on my store now!


  1. Beautiful! I'm just drooling over your gorgeous yarn. :-)

  2. Ok...I NEED Nebula!!lol It's gorgeous Mich.

  3. Thankyou ladies.
    Carolyn - 2 down one to go!

  4. They are just unbelievably gorgeous Michelle, I love them all but I think my absolute favourite is Nimbus.