Monday, 15 September 2008

Test knitting Is Going Well!

My very talented friend Kerry has test knitted the soaker pattern. She highlighted a couple of typo's for which I am eternally grateful. I had got to the stage where K3, P5 looked the same as K2 tog ;)

Ravelry have accepted the pattern on their database. So that's good. We decided to name the pattern 'Woollywumpkins Waffley Good Soaker' we like it.I'm just waiting for permission to use a pic I have of Kerry's finished project before I add it. Ok I have permission so here it is.

Other news,

I have been inundated with custom orders, which of course is a good thing. I have just finished these longies - designed by liz for her daughter.

I have also been asked to make a baby bootie version of scot's mens shoes and socks, like they wear with a kilt. I'm still on the first prototype, it's looking good so far. I'll take pics when they are finished.


  1. Thank you for the lovely compliment but they only look that good because of the wonderful pattern I had to work from!!!

  2. Why thankyou right back at cha! lol! I am also very much liking your gothic rose version of the soaker!